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Presenting Confidently and Professionally

Course Profile

What is this workshop about? 

This very practical workshop will focus on giving insights and tools in order to structure, and deliver, a presentation that will achieve the desired objectives. It will give ideas and background about the keys to prepare your presentation, and then how to structure and deliver your message and manage yourself and the audience. It will enable you to be more confident and professional in delivering any type of presentation. 

Who is it for? 

Anyone who has need to deliver a presentation and wants to develop the core skills or brush up on their current presentation skills and style. 


By the end of this workshop you will: 

  • Know how to plan and prepare a presentation which is aimed at the audience and their objectives
  • Be aware of the impact your self-presentation has on the overall message
  • Identify the strengths you already have and can build upon within own style
  • Understand how to choose and effectively use appropriate visual aids and support materials
  • Be able to handle nerves positively and manage your “state” effectively
  • Structure your presentation to put across complex information more clearly
  • Plan the initial phase of your presentation to feel in control and engage the audience
  • Be able to deal with the audience interactions and their questions confidently and professionally
  • Make sure you have covered your key objectives and learning points
  • Approach presentations with more enthusiasm and confidence. 


  • Introduction and objectives
  • Good v poor presentations
  • Your own attitudes, skills
  • Fundamentals of effective presentations
  • Planning
  • Assistance available – the technology and other options
  • Preparation – no shortcuts
  • Before you start - Positive states
  • Delivery
  • More on managing your delivery and engaging the audience
  • Controlling the involvement
  • Refine and redo – practice makes perfect!
  • Summary, action plans and close 
Practical exercises will run throughout the two day programme. All of the presentations and exercises will be taped and used to help individuals improve each time. They will also be able to take the recordings away with themselves at the end of the programme.

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